How to Fix Windows 8/ 8.1 Crashes

Windows 8.1 crashes due to incompatible shell-extensions, problem with the malfunctioning devices and updates. There might be problems with the system settings as well. This article provides an insight into this problem. It is strongly recommended to download Windows 8.1/ 8 Repair Tool immediately.

  1. Remove incompatible shell-extensions
  2. Diagnose malfunctioning device drivers
  3. Resolve problems with system files
  4. Scan Windows settings
  5. Refresh the PC
  6. Diagnose the memory problems

Remove Incompatible Shell-Extensions

Shell-extensions are the entries in the right-click menu options of the files and drives in Windows Explorer. Microsoft as well as Non-Microsoft shell-extensions exist in our systems. The problem arises when one or more shell-extension entries are incorrect. Manage them in proper way and disable the faulty ones.

Diagnose Malfunctioning Device Drivers

For the smooth working of your computer it is important to keep all the device drivers up-to-date and all of them must be working properly and compatible with your system. With the help of Device Manager load the list of all devices and check for the malfunctioning drivers. Here’s how:

Device Manager

1. Press Windows Key + X.

2. Select Device Manager.

3. Click the View menu, check-mark the box Show hidden devices.

4. Expand the top node, i.e. the name of your computer, and then expand all other nodes.

5. Check for yellow-color exclamation mark that indicates malfunctioning and incompatible devices. Right click such devices, select Uninstall. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Resolve Problems with System Settings

Corruption of the system files can be another reason. Some of the operating system files located in the C:\ drive might be corrupted, renamed or deleted. Using the System File Checker scan for such files and replace them with their original versions available on the Microsoft Windows installation disc.


1. Insert the Microsoft Windows Operating System installation disc.

2. Press Windows Key + X.

3. Select Command Prompt (Admin).

4. Type the following command:

sfc /scannow

5. Press ENTER key of your keyboard.

Scan Windows Settings

Registry is a database that contains information about the system settings and configurations. Corrupt Registry is one of the important reasons behind Windows 8.1/ 8 crashes. Scan and clean the Registry to repair the problem automatically.

RegInOut System Utilities

1. Download Windows 8.1/ 8 Repair Tool.

2. Install and run the program.

3. Start full Registry scan. Wait till the scan finishes.

4. Repair all the issues detected. Restart your PC for the changes to take effects.

Refresh the PC

PC Refresh is the process of rolling back all the system settings to the factory state. Meaning, your all programs will be uninstalled except the Windows Store apps. Thus it’s crucial to back-up your data first.


1. Press Windows Key + X.

2. Select Search.

3. Type “Refresh” in the Search Box.

4. Click the Settings icon.

5. Open “Refresh your PC”

6. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Diagnose the Memory Problems

Your RAM may be faulty. To check whether the problem is associated with your RAM, please use the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool.

Windows Memory Diagnostic

1. Press Windows Key + C.

2. The Charms Bar will be displayed.

3. Click the Search icon.

4. Type “memory” in the Search Box.

5. Click the Settings icon.

6. Open “Diagnose your computer’s memory problems” from the Search Results.

7. Click “Restart now and check for problems”.

Still Experiencing the Issue?

If you’re still experiencing the issue, you’ve to download Windows 8.1/ 8 Repair Tool to automatically diagnose your problem. The diagnostic process may take a few minutes.